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Tour Of Tragedy Of The Marquis Of Mantua

Country: Sao Tome And Principe
City: São Tomé
Duration: 3 Hour(s) - 0 Minute(s)
Tour Category: Skiing

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Pick up from hotel at 15:00 and return at 18:00

Tchilôli, The tragedy of the Marquis of Mantua. Tchilôli is a “hybrid” theatre. It retains the complete Portuguese Renaissance text, the original characters and the “unities”, but it adds many elements of African origin: the music, the choreography, the costumes, the musical instruments, the dances, the many mimed scenes and the pantomime. The most important tchilôli is Tragédia do Marquês de Mântua e o Imperador Carloto Magno (The tragedy of the Marquis of Mantua and the Emperor Charlemagne), wich was written by Baltazar Dias, a blind sixteenth-century Madeiran poet. The play tells us how the Marquis of Mantua discovers that his nephew has been stabbed to death, and how Prince Charlemagne, who is guilty of this misdeed, is condemned. The Tragédia lasts for six hours, although there are shorter versions that last between one and three hours

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