Exploring Tourism in Sao Tome and Principe
Sao Tome and Principe
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Sao Tome and Principe Popular Places to Visit

Porto Alegre

Porto Alegre is hardly anything like its Brazilian namesake. Instead of one million inhabitants, this one clocks up just over 500 in total.Instead of endless barrios and sprawling modern districts, this town is a ramshackle conglomeration of earthy huts, stilted longhouses and faded fishing canoes. Still, it’s got real charm, and is one of the starting points on the Sao Tome


Trindade is one of the few possible destinations in Sao Tome that’s not on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean.Instead, this small town sits high above the capital, atop the rising ridges of the inland hills. It’s surrounded by the great swathes of coffee plantations and cacao growing fields (the main economic drivers here) that make up the larger Me-Zochi District. However,

Rolas Island

Languishing in the Atlantic like the teardrop of Sao Tome, just a short boat ride away from the southern tip of the island, the speck on the map that is Rolas Island is famed for its sparkling white-sand beaches and paradisiacal veneer. The sands are invariably totally secluded, cascading down from the jungle-covered coast in a medley of boulder-spotted coves and

Monte Cafe

You’ll have to head deep into the volcanic mountain ranges that rise to the skies in the heart of Sao Tome island to find the aged colonial factories and coffee-growing haciendas of Monte Cafe. As you might imagine, even the drive there is one for the travel journals: sweeping vistas of primeval rainforest; endless valleys of misty woods; the occasional rusting


A popular spot for beach lovers and luxury seekers in search of Sao Tome’s fabled cocktail of sand, sea and sun on the Atlantic, the little town of Santana spills down to the shoreline on the eastern edge of the island, emerging from the lanky palms of the jungle and the volcanic hills like some forgotten village in the land

Obo National Park

Obo National Park is one that rarely fails to take the breath away. Covering a vast area of more than 230 square kilometers on the southern side of Sao Tome, the great wilderness ranges from salt-washed mangroves on the shore to virgin Atlantic rainforests in the highlands. And what highlands they are! Crowned by the mighty, needle-like bluff of Pico Cao

Palhota Hotel

In the center of San Antonio and with a long tradition, the Palhota Pension blends with the tourism history of the autonomous region of Principe. Single and double rooms with private bathroom, wireless Internet access, satellite TV and air conditioning. The bar and restaurant offers an excellent quality of food.

Piscina Beach

Praia Piscina means "swimming pool beach". The name was given due to the natural pool formed amongst rocks; but be aware, waves can go over the rocks and are dangerous. The coordinates are from the beach itself. Ask in the village of Porto Alegre how to get to the beach.

Azeitona Forest

This secundary forest is being protected by the Natural Park, due to the richness of its bird life and the presence of threatened species of trees on the island. Of easy access from the capital, this forest is an ideal spot for bird watching, contemplation of the forest and also to meet the people who live close by.


Santa Joaquina consists in a few wooden houses on top of a hill close to old Plantation Bela Vista. In colonial times, as boats approached the island, a horn was played from there to inform the population. Today, nature has taken over the place, and only a small trail remains to reach this awesome view point on the Bay of