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Sao Tome and Principe
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Obo National Park

São Tomé, Sao Tome And Principe

Obo National Park is one that rarely fails to take the breath away. Covering a vast area of more than 230 square kilometers on the southern side of Sao Tome, the great wilderness ranges from salt-washed mangroves on the shore to virgin Atlantic rainforests in the highlands.

And what highlands they are! Crowned by the mighty, needle-like bluff of Pico Cao Grande, the park soars straight into the clouds.

And along the coast, the mountains take the form of great square-cut escarpments; lofty and proud above the waves of the Atlantic Ocean below.

Safaris and treks here will reveal beautiful tropical backcountry, along with grey parrots, mona monkeys and oodles of uber-rare birds!

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