Exploring Tourism in Sao Tome and Principe
Sao Tome and Principe
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Rolas Island

São Tomé, Sao Tome And Principe

Languishing in the Atlantic like the teardrop of Sao Tome, just a short boat ride away from the southern tip of the island, the speck on the map that is Rolas Island is famed for its sparkling white-sand beaches and paradisiacal veneer.

The sands are invariably totally secluded, cascading down from the jungle-covered coast in a medley of boulder-spotted coves and long stretches of sun-splashed ivory hues.

There’s also an acclaimed hotel resort here (perfect for a remote and romantic tropical stay away from the archipelago’s more-trodden spots), along with a monument to the courses of the equator, which crosses right over the middle of Rolas.

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